About PowerTech

Barcoding is one of the most fast, accurate, cost effective and well proven data capture technology in the past 30 years. Being the worldwide market leader of the scanning and printing devices supplier, Zebra are continuously investing huge R&D resource to keep their products innovative and dominate the latest computing technology of auto- identification industry.

Powertech Limited, being a business partner of Zebra, is in line with customer’s sole focus and reserve resource to comprehensively integrate a complete solutions together with barcode reading and printing devices. With the expertise and professional technical skill in presales, commissioning and wrap up services, we are ready to deliver our products, support and services to meet the fast-growing needs of various industries. We promise to provide full support to our customers in system wise implementing and servicing of various in-house, self –developed or conceptual system with the aids of daily scanning, printing and mobile computing systems.

Powertech Limited is also listening your innovative and creative ideas so as to together enhance your operation, efficiencies, knowledge and people.

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