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Our service center, your local service provider on your Auto-ID equipment

Please note when requesting hardware maintenance check up

  • Be sure with us the correct model no. and serial no. of the fault unit. Accurate product information assists a swift verification and follow up.

  • Short note of the hardware failure. Brief description of the abnormal behavior of the fault unit facilitates our immediate judgment, whether it is a fatal error or a simply setup issue.

  • Remove all detachable accessories like stylus, batteries, covers and others.

  • Backup essential data or licensed software (key ID for example). We are not responsible for any recoveries and storages of information preloaded though we would try to assist in case of non-functional units. Most of the cases, units returned will be restored with factory settings.

  • Phone diagnoses is highly appreciated if customers is willing to perform tests on their with our technical man on the line.

When you buy Zebra equipment, genuineness of the product you choose comes to the top of your determination. As our valued customer, you will be for sure serving with the highest level of aftersales and remedial maintenance service upon requests.

  • Standard warranty services : Each of item generally comes with 12 months supporting period form the data of invoice. This warranty carries free of charge on-site labour and replacement parts against fault material and workmanship. Breakages due to ingress of water, abuse, overloading, mis-operated and physical damages are not included. Detachable items item like batteries, stylus, holster, power supply, cables, batteries door and other consumables parts are all fallen out of this warranty scope.

  • Service from start: For those units hiring comprehensive factory warranty will be forwarded immediately back to the factory for detailed repairs and essential parts replacement.

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