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ZC10L Large-Format Printer

Create beautiful edge-to-edge card designs with graphics, text, barcodes and images using CardStudio design software. Then, produce those cards on demand with the 300 dpi printing capability of the ZC10L.

ZXP Series 9 Card Printer

Customize your experience without sacrificing print quality with user-selectable print quality mode that allows users to optimize for print speed or sharpen print quality.

ZXP Series 9 Card Printer with Laminator

Save money and significantly reduce waste with our innovative waste-free laminate design.

ZXP Series 7 Card Printer

The ZXP Series 7 is Zebra's highest performance printer for any direct-to-card printing application.

ZXP Series 7 with Laminator

The ZXP Series 7 offers a single- and dual-sided laminator option. Zebra's patented wasteless laminate design reduces waste and lowers costs by eliminating the need for carrier material, backings and liners.

ZXP Series 7 Pro

The ZXP Series 7 Pro provides higher volume card printing with all the great features and speed of the ZXP 7. With a mechanical FIFO output hopper, the ZXP Series 7 Pro is capable of printing 250 plastic cards at one time and comes standard with a magnetic encoder.

ZC300 Card Printer


The ZC300 card printer delivers groundbreaking simplicity, security and connectivity options in the slimmest fit-everywhere design in this printer class.

ZC350 Card Printer


Design and print virtually any card with groundbreaking simplicity with the ZC350.

ZC100 Card Printer

One of the most intuitive and easy-to-use card printers on the market — the ZC100 automatically adjusts to any card thickness, innovations make ribbon changes virtually fool-proof, a new printer driver offers a one-of-a-kind graphical user interface that brings a new level of simplicity to controlling the printing process.

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